Monday, June 30, 2014

Great News...

Great News..

Since I made Dark Reality Blog.. I received emails from you that my subscription is expensive.. well, I dint see it that way since all of my videos are exclusives. However, I think that I made blogs to share.. so I finally decided to lower the subscription rates. So more of you can join.

From now on..
Yearly Rate will be $50
Semi Annual $20

You can pay via Paypal and Regular Credit cards or even Debit Card. Be sure to email to me your payment details and give me 1-2 days to confirm the payment..pls include your email account(gmail) or whatever email account your using. Upon confirmation of your payment.. I will send to your email an invitation to my Blog. Click the link and Log in with your chosen email. Easy Breazy right! Any inquiries send directly to my email

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Sunday, June 15, 2014

4 Nigerian students- The Dark Reality Exclusive

Here in this blog the world first saw the pics.. since then it  was gone viral and the whole world were aghast to witness the brutality of lynching. It was even seen on CNN and other news channel. Im glad my small blog was intrumental  to give knowledge of what was happening to some remote part of the world. Even if you are living to a 1st world country.. you cant be blind of what is happening to some desolate 3rd world country like Nigeria. Beside the purpose of this blog is to show the world what the media is not showing us.. censorship and mainstream news and what they want to show us. However, I made the video private so that only adults can watch it.. i dont want kids to watch violence and brutalities. Read CNN article.

Someone send this to me just a couple of days ago. I been looking for this since I saw the only video available- which is surprisingly still available in Youtube. I read some articles describing there are 6-7 videos available but I never grab hold of those until now..

I have 2 more video which are obviously prior to their brutal lynching.. the four students are already stripped naked except for Uganna who wore boxer briefs which later on was also removed(not shown on video) I didnt understant, but based on the video.. they were explaining their side.. what really happened. But the mob didnt listened to them.. they were decided on killing them..(reasons and motives we dont know) The 1st video is around 4 minutes while the 2nd video is around 2minutes only. I contact the sender and he said he may be able to contact someone who own the rest of the videos... lets see!

Its now clearer that this boys were set up. They went to this neighborhood to meet one student who owe them money.. this student obviously dont want or have no intentions to pay make a commotion and alarmed the community and shouted thieves stole his things. The villagers at this point were angry because several incident of stealing happened in their community in weeks time..they lined up these students. stripped naked and beat them for 2 hours before finally lynching them and burning their bodies.

Ugonna and Lloyd standing against the wall while men slap and beat them.

Uganna Obuzor (he still wore brief at this point)

Tekena Elkana (was fully exposed because they didnt put car tires around his waist) Hes pleading for mercy but the brutal mob didnt listen to him.

Tekena and Chidiaka

2nd video- The four boys were thrown in a street with dirty and stagnant water. They were pelted with stones, woods or whatever the mob got hold off.

I'll post the full video soon at the Dark Reality blog. Be a member to watch it. Now you can pay via Credit Card and also Debit Cards and of course Paypal. 

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Payment thru credit cards

Good news!

Now, you can pay the subscription thru your personal Credit Cards or even Debit cards. Lots of you doesnt have Paypal account and im getting stressed out how to help you become a member.  I made a research and found how. You can pay with your credit cards without joining Paypal. Just simple as shopping online.

Upon payment..send your payment details to my email to verify it. Also send with your email your gmail account(email you use at Youtube, Google + or gmail)

Pls send to

If you have questions dont hesitate to email me.

Lots of fresh videos on the way..  I got 2new videos from the Lynching of  4 students in Nigeria which happened in 2012.  The only available vids  is the one yet in youtube but theres more videos which are not yet been shared, im trying to contact one person who have the complete 7 videos.. Hopefully he will reply my emails.I am lucky to be able to receive the rare footage where they were still interogated by the mob. I will put screencaps soon.

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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Special forces trainees

Before they become a full pledge soldier.. they undergone series of humiliating physical inspections from Military doctors. Stripped completely nude before their superior.. allow them to touch and fondle their manhood for the sake of service. Its necessary to be in superior form before undergoing training thats why they have to be inspected. This humiliating inspection is mandatory.. so now when you see a handsome soldier standing proud and full of bearing you can now assume that he was in the same situation before.. standing naked and feeling insecure while waiting for his turn to spread his cheeks and let the Dr grab his family jewels lol! Now that's committment! Salute for their bravery!

I have full amateur videos during this physical inspection. View them at

Now thats little bit awkward..

Is there more awkward moment than this? sorry to shatter your views on soldiers.. they can be very charming and with that perfect image of manhood but they did some really gay thing during their training.. anyway they cant say No to their superiors.. Thats why they have a motto "Obey first, before to complain"

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Modes of Payment and New Promo

Good News to those who want to join the blog but dont have paypal.. Lots of you are asking for other modes of payment. I like Paypay because of its security feats. 

Heres another form of payment
I can make an invoice thru paypal and I will send the invoice to your email. Then you can pay with regular credit cards no need to have paypal account. 

Send your email address on my email add at and wait for my email containing your invoice.
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Simple right! I want to announce my new promotion this month. 

Heres the new promo. 
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Special note
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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Another Robber's walk of Shame

Tall robber was caught by mob.. As usual stripped naked and paraded along the streets.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Thief's ultimate fear

Naked thief tied on a post in Indonesia. Everybody is entitled to a free slap, kick or an uppercut while the cops are still on the way, some villagers dont call the policeman right away so they have enough time to punish and humiliate the offenders. If youre not that violent grab your mobile and have a souvenir shot or video and upload it in social media. If you have exclusive pix or video like this share it with me you might get a free membership.

This must be the best deterrent for this small time criminals. 

Say cheese.. Dont be shy boy!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Captured thief stripped naked.

I upload this part of the video. The angry mob in the process of stripping the robber before lynching. Everytime I watch this kind of video in other sites and read the comments.. people ask why the mob always strip the suspects naked? Do they want to see his penis? etc etc Actually there's nothing gay or sexual about it.

Stripping is usually part of the lynching process which makes the suspect vulnerable and helpless. Actually, most people are scared  to death of being naked in public agree? (unless you're an exhibitionist) So during this lynching process... the mob strip the suspect completely naked for him to experience this feeling of vulnerability and be exposed in front of dozens or hundreds of people means humiliation. There's nothing sexual about men stripping other man during lynching.. its a form of humiliation. If you are familar with my blog, sometimes in a few instances some guys draw the line by touching the suspects penis (also not in the sexual way) but to humiliate him further for his inability to protect himself from his captors again vulnerability is the word for it.

For most people, watching violent videos like this is just plain barbaric and unacceptable in our current times, but as i have explained there's psychology in it. People are social in nature like most mammals, we prefer to be in a society which we feel secured. Nobody wants to live alone in the mountains.. however, if some member of the society deviates or being source of instability within the community. That member is being outcast or kickout by the society. Also this is observed in lower animals like baboons or in a lions pride. This is the explanation about why lynching is still alive in some countries where the justice system is still not matured. Or in some countries that the police force is so less that the people find themselves responsible for their own security. So next time you'll watch this type of videos.. now you have idea why these people act that way.. more like primitives but still within the context of our society's evolution.


Watch the rest of the video in my private blog.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Robber's walk of shame..

Very Exclusive and fresh video from Philippines. One avid fan send this video to me this morning and I gave him 1Year full access. We rarely get video from Philippines and this one is rare since people there are generally self righteous as preached by the church amen(no beating, no stoning, nor burning alive of criminals) beating a thieves will get you arrested and Commission of Human Rights protect these criminals wtf.... so Manila streets are full of these criminals. They have to learn from Brazilian, Indonesians, Indians, and Africans how to lynch robbers and thieves. With this self righteous attitude.. criminals got an upperhand and they roam freely.

According to the sender. The suspect belongs to what they call as "Riding in Tandem" These are robbers usually riding motorcycle and they are usually two..hence "tandem". They will wear helmet to hide their identities. These robbers in motorcycle.. will roam the city specially at night to hunt for unsuspecting victims. They will follow their targets and grab the bags and cellphones and scoot fast to avoid arrest and if cornered.. they wont hesitate to kill innocent people. They become more aggresive and rob Gas stations and stores operating at night.

However.. this unlucky criminal loss his luck when he fall from the motorcycle, and got caught by mob while his partner was able to escape. He was beaten by angry mob and as a deterrent for other criminals.. he was completely stripped naked and forced to walk the busy streets. But still he is lucky burning alive is not popular there and he got to live his miserable life. A humiliating lesson that will hunt him forever. More humiliating... he got very small cock. I know small cock humiliation fans will be happy to watch this LOL!

Somebody hold his neck to expose his face for the camera while he was being strip.

Finally, his very small knob appear. What a big disappointment LOL!

Fully naked among the crazy mob.

People grab his both hands so he cant cover his nakedness.. and let his small cock exposed to the world.

Forcing him to walk naked along the busy streets.

Watch the 3parts video at darkrealities blog. I didnt disappoint you with new and exclusive videos. See you all there. If you are from Brazil, Indonesia, Africa or any place on earth and you have exclusive vids like this.. you can send me the vid and I will give you free membership at my private blog. inquiries send at my email

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Young Thief caught, beaten, stripped and tied naked to a post.

With increasing crime worldwide.. with less police force to protect the people. these victims bring justice to their own hands which usually results these suscpects being lynched.. stoned to death.. or burned alive. Sounds, brutal right? but if you are living in a 3rd world country, working hard to earn some bucks and these lazy criminals will just sit and steal your hard earned money (sometimes kill)... then its quite reasonable to bring justice to these criminals.

But instead of killing him.. the mob decided not to finish his miserable life. Instead stripped him naked and tied him to a post.. for him to experience ultimate humiliation. Being completely naked while people stared and took pics and video. Thats the ultimate punishments for these criminals.I think you will agree, this young thief will not do stealing again.

This must be the proper punishment for captured theves. I bet he will not do stealing again..